Cravvings - OfadaBoy's Soup Lounge
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OfadaBoy's Soup Lounge
With ripe/unripe plantain/yam
with Snail, Crab, fresh croaker fish, Prawns
Crab, calamari, shrimps
Ofada rice, ofada sauce, assorted and beef, egg/plantain
Ofada Rice, Ofada sauce, Assorted and Beef, Egg/Plantain
Ofada Rice Tossed Panla fish with shredded gizzard in vegetable mix and Egg/Plantain
Ofada rice, Ofada sauce, Beef and Assorted and Egg/Plantain, Yo-yo fish and prawns/Moi moi

OfadaBoy's Soup Lounge

location icon 1 Mba St, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
phone icon 08050504784, 07088667382

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